Do good. Communicate well. You need to tell the story of your organization. I can help.

Anyone can write, right? Sure. But not everyone can write well about doing good. Nonprofits, higher education, and other organizations need help telling their stories, making their cases for support, and communicating clearly and effectively.

I provide writing and editing services, as well as partnership in strategic communications, for these organizations. My services allow development, marketing, communications, advancement, and other teams to focus on building relationships with donors, members, alumni, and other stakeholders.

For example: from 2016 to 2022, I helped the National FFA Foundation grow their annual day of giving from 135 donors and $15,000 raised to 1,071 donors contributing $389,880. I provided strategic communications such as emails, direct mail, social media copy, press release copy, and others to drive engagement and donations, enabling the annual fund managers to focus on the bigger picture.  

Anyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. Anyone can be a good speller and punctuation user, but not everyone can express themselves clearly and effectively. Your need might be for a letter written on behalf of your executive director, a case for support for your capital campaign, or maybe you want an extra set of (experienced!) eyes on your annual report copy.

My services can save you time and effort.

In the 2021 State of Nonprofit Marketing Report published by, only 33.6% of donors agree and 6.4% strongly agree that “the communications I received from the nonprofit were personalized for me.”

I can help you tell your story so that you can reach your audience through strategic messaging that sets you apart. It’s important to meet your constituents where they are by coordinating your storytelling across multiple channels. With my background in communications and marketing, I can help with a wide variety of content channels from newsletters and video to email and direct mail.

In one package, you get a strategic writer and editor who is skilled in communications.

Let’s schedule a callat no chargeto discuss your needs for writing, editing, or strategic communications. We’ll assess your goals. You’ll get a custom plan to help tell your organization’s story.

Contact me today to start building a better story for communicating with your stakeholders.

What have you got to lose?


Effective stories build emotional ties to your organization. In a National Library of Medicine study, it was found that people with higher oxytocin levels (the behavior messenger in our brains) are more likely to donate to charity. Emotional engagement is key to appealing to your audience, making your case, and soliciting support. Tell your story to connect with supporters or risk losing them to another organization. 


With my help, you will be able to tell your story which, in turn, will help your organization attract, engage, steward, and retain the constituents that support the great work that you do.

Let me help you with the following.


  • Long- and short-form pieces such as for annual reports, grants, and impact reports
  • Magazine and newsletter articles
  • Marketing and fundraising copy 
  • Website, social media, and email copy
  • Executive communications (letters, speeches, white papers, etc.)
  • Scripts (for presentations, videos, etc.)
  • Press releases and media announcements
  • Blogs


  • Basic level: Review existing copy for errors/proofread to identify grammatical mistakes.
  • Intermediate level: Basic + deeper editing; review and provide edits for sentence structure and flow.
  • Master level: Intermediate + detailed editing and insight; fact-checking; review and provide edits for structure and story line; make suggestions, rewrites, and give feedback on content.