I have a way with words. Let me help you find yours.

As a freelance editor and writer based in Kansas City, Missouri, I provide organizations, businesses, and individuals with savvy word craftsmanship. Here are just a few opportunities for my expertise:

  • Punch up your website content: create, update, and refresh your website copy.
  • Tell your story through blog posts and articles: compose, edit, and optimize your blog.
  • Spread the word via email messages, press releases, and letters: author, polish, or revise your written communications.
  • Make it known in print materials and digital media: write copy, proofread, and revise your collateral.
  • Perfect your prowess with scripts, talking points, and speeches: provide feedback on and formulate your verbal messaging.

May I help you? Reach out to me for work samples and project inquiries. (I also welcome funny cat videos.)

The fourteen months that I worked with Nicole was one of the highlights of my professional career so far. We collaborated very closely on numerous fundraising campaigns, special events, and institutional perception initiatives. I could always depend on her for timely information, creative ideas and strategic messaging suggestions. Nicole has an extremely strong worth ethic and is very organized. She puts a lot of thought into all of her projects and plans, and her successful marketing efforts played a huge role in our fundraising success and audience growth at the CSO.

Alana Morrall, Development Director

I worked with Nicole while at the National FFA Organization. I recommend her as an accomplished professional who can be relied on for excellent work. Nicole is detail-oriented, knowledgeable and customer-focused. She does an excellent job with keeping her clients informed and engaged in each process that she is managing.